Club History

A social get together was held mid October 1987 at the home of Reg Wheller VK4ARW (later VK4PL) with the view to forming an Amateur Radio Club in Hervey Bay. About 10 local amateurs attended.  Most had been there, seen that, done that attitude, but never the less Reg called a meeting at the SES HQ to form the club. The inaugural meeting was held on the 25th of October 1987, 10 amateurs and 6 prospective amateurs attended, and the motion to form a club was put to those attending and carried
The following were elected to office

President Reg Wheller – VK4ARW (later VK4PL)
Vice President Gray Taylor – VK4OH
Secretary /Treasurer Rob Hollis – VK4KEE
Committee Ray Lewin – VK4D
Phil Molen VK4DL
Bernie Stillman VK4NKJ

The club applied for, and was given callsign VK4CHB.
The first public demonstration of amateur radio in Hervey Bay was at the Hervey Bay Historical Museum on the 19th of March 1985.
The club participated in the Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) on the 15 and 16th of October 1988.
The clubs first social outing was a BBQ at Gatakers Bay on 5th of June 1988
The first change of President was in November 89, with Gray Taylor VK4OH taking over as President and Reg Wheller VK4ARW becoming Vice President.

In March 1990 both Reg VK4ARW and Gray VK4OH were appointed ‘Examiners ‘, with Novice classes commencing in April that year, with Reg Wheller VK4ARW being the Instructor.
On the 21st of January 1991 the local net changed from 40 meters to 80 meters specifically 3.615MHz and has been there ever since.
Also during January 1991, the Wireless Institute of Australia issued the club the callsign ‘VI4HBW’, for use in the Hervey Bay Whale Festival, which was held between 1st to 31st of August 1991.
In September 1991 the club relocated from the SES building to the old ablution block of a long gone caravan park in  Dayman Park, which much later we allowed the Hervey Bay Boxing Club to use also.
In November 1991, the Hervey Bay Radio Club became an incorporated association.
The club was allocated the callsign ‘VI4FOW’ for the festival of the whales, the result of which was the club won the inaugural Fraser Coast Tourism Award.
At the AGM  in 1993 Reg Wheller  VK4ARW (Now VK4PL) was elected President, taking over from Gray Taylor VK4OH.
At the 1994 AGM Gray Taylor VK4OH  was once again elected President.
In 1995 the club was issued with the first ever 9 digit/letter callsign ‘VI50PEACE’ which was used by the club in celebration of the cessation of hostilities of World War 2.