It takes a bit to keep all the balls in the air


The 2017 committee members of the Hervey Bay Amateur Radio Club Incorporated are…
 President VK4EU – Wayne Staples  Contact me
 Vice President VK4KUS – Steve Dunleavy  Contact me
 Treasurer VK4OW – Sue Stephenson  Contact me
 Secretary VK4WM – Wade Millwood  Contact me
The people who can do the training and can offer an examination service, to arrange something contact…
 Training and examination VK4EU – Wayne Staples Contact me
These are people who do lots of stuff that are not on the executive, but are just as important, they are…
Equipment manager VK4FDHS – Dave
Education manager VK4EU – Wayne
Transmitting managers VK4WM – Wade

VK4EU – Wayne

VK4KUS – Steve

VK4NP – Norm

Welfare managers All club members
QSL Officer VK4WM – Wade
Repeater manager VK4WM – Wade
Publicity manager All executive
Tea lady VK4PL – Reg
Web site manager VK4YOI – Martin  contact me