And if you are at a loose end on Saturday morning…

The club has a regular get-together each Saturday.

The rag chew starts at 09:00 local time.

It is THE place to chat about radios and antennas (and antennas and radios).  People sometimes have equipment for sale and there is no end to good advice that can be offered!

Club members have interests in analogue and digital modes, HF through to daylight.

There may be the odd Saturday missed due to other activities like ILLW, Christmas, Easter or the like, it is on way more often that not!

If you are a club member, Hervey Bay resident or a traveller, if you want to talk radios, feel free to come along.

The club has its general meetings on the third Saturday of each month, gavel hits the table around 09:30, as usual – visitors are welcome.

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